How can you get positive reviews from your customers?

Word-of-mouth has always been essential for a business to grow, and just like most social interactions, this word-of-mouth has also migrated to the digital environment. What you may not yet know is that you can ask your clients to evaluate your we have prepared exclusively to put an end to your doubts once and for all. Where can my How can you get customers rate me? We’ve already explained to you the importance of being present on social media , haven’t we? Most of your customers are probably also connected to Facebook and Instagram pages, have Google accounts and even Linkedin. Most likely they still talk to other people in person about products and services, but reviews on the internet can define your next sale. Few people are in the habit of writing positive reviews, in fact.

Post positive reviews as social proof

This is when you take action: it’s time to ask directly for reviews. Do not leave it for later The sooner you start, the better. From the first meeting with  what you just said would be perfect as a review on Facebook!” Ensure throughout the property  negotiation that your client feels satisfied with the service and their dream home. Show willingness to answer all Iraq WhatsApp Number Data possible questions. Tecimob: Website ready for real estate agents and real estate agencies. A complete tool for you to sell more! Have techniques up your sleeve A really cool tip that can work is to do a questionnaire at the end of your journey with the customer. It can be through WhatsApp. Try sending a document with some questions, such as: How was the service so far? Were you satisfied with your property.

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Respond to all reviews

Leave a review on Facebook by clicking here! This type of call to action, which is nothing more than when you direct the customer to take an action, generates a lot of results and you can get what you need. Sincerity is the way If you prefer, ask for an evaluation in one of the conversations you have with your client. Explain the importance of good Malaysia WhatsApp Number List reviews for your business. We put together a model of how you can explain: “By evaluating my service as a real estate agent, you help other people make the decision to choose my  until we completed the process of your new home!” It is very unlikely that your client will deny a sincere request, so don’t waste time.

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