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Is a tricky job and interest to warrant your effort and a great product to discuss. Here are our six steps for creating a website: Find a niche market. You ne a website theme that people are interest in, products you can promote, and a keywords to rank for. Common themes include fitness and exercise; health and beauty books; and food, drink and cooking. Avoid being too broad or too narrow and try to strike a balance, targeting a core target audience that will keep coming back. Do keyword research. Before you start writing blog posts and reviews a lot, you ne to do some keyword research.

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Keywords are the search terms you n Pitcairn Email List e to rank for (and other search engines). Tailor your keywords around the products you want to sell. Decide which products you want to include and consider whether keywords will gain the necessary traction. You can use tools like Google Search to discover the search volume and competition for each keyword. Spy on your competitors. Get the product name and enter it. You will soon see other sites trying to rank as part of the Amazon affiliate program. Identify what these sites do well and how you can improve. Choose a domain name. It’s been said that most rock bands break up before they settle on a name.

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In fact, naming a website can be just BS Leads as challenging. Your website name nes to reflect the essence of your brand but it also nes to be usable. Build your website. You can use a website builder such as or to help build your website. Their stunning templates make the process a breeze. Start producing content. Content is the lifeblood of your Amazon affiliate website. It has to be fun, value-add, ucational, and product-appropriate. Not that easy, right? Create a content strategy that lists keywords.

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