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Because I felt I wasn’t coping. meltdown in my boss’ office in December. But no notice was taken and that really upsets me, not just for selfish reasons, but how many others does this happen to? I didn’t even get to go back to occupational health before I left my job. Mental health support in workplaces in the UK is poor and this is a massive disadvantage to anyone feeling mentally unwell to any degree. We ne awareness, to get rid of the stigma and to stop using mental health as ‘ bargaining chips’. The latter has to stop – it makes genuine people feel like shit and it’s harder for them to be taken seriously.

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It’s not a  status symbol! And the former two Malaysia WhatsApp Number List should be going hand in hand with each other. We each have a responsibility to ucate ourselves and promote talking about our own mental health. Ask your mate if they’re OK. If they say ‘yeah’, ask again. It could be an incribly important conversation. It could save a life. A huge trigger ‘We ne to talk later.’ First of all I have anxiety, tell me now! This us to be and still is a huge trigger for me.

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Towards improving my response

A message, voicemail, text or email, not BS Leads stating what it is that’s going on immiately gets my back up. And it flicks the anxiety booster pack switch. Even now just writing this is making me a little anxious. This us to happen a lot at work. I told my boss about how it made me feel but it still happen and I felt so stupid. Great. So not only anxiety-ridden, but now feeling like a time-waster and idiot too. So a message like ‘Can you pop up to my office’ is a massive massive trigger for me.

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