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Its call positive psychology, and more specifically, learn optimism. In all my experience, I have never heard of this view. Even with my mental health, my domestic abusive relationship, all the fail suicide attempts, cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, PTSD diagnosis and more. of such a different way of thinking. How negative events are not temporary. They don’t actually mean I’m a loser. This knowlge open up a part of me that I never knew exist. Wouldn’t a negative event that would still lead to negative beliefs have a huge impact on my life?this knowlge into practice.

Things You Learn and Ne

I now have a journal that challenges my negative Mali Email List beliefs about adversity and the consequences of those beliefs. Now I dispute them and then celebrate how it feels to successfully dispute them. Keep trying it’s not a cure. There is no cure. But I wish I knew about this easy-to-access and learn method of self-help and healing years ago. I realiz in that moment that I wish people would talk more about what help them through their struggles, even if it was subjective. Maybe we can help others this way while also telling people they’re not alone? We suffer, and sometimes it feels like we are alone. But there are many things that can help.

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There are so many things we don’t know. We have to keep experimenting and keep finding new coping mechanisms. Only we can promote our own healing. This BS Leads makes me appreciate life even more. Without life, there is no knowlge, there is no learning; without these, we cannot grow and heal. It makes me wonder if there really are brighter days ahead and darkness won’t take over my days. How possible, and as always, I would welcome it with open arms. Restore really always tries again. US Mental Health Daily.

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