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Instapaper is a social bookmarking service that allows web content to be sav so it can be read at a later stage and on a different device. This sav content might later inspire you when you’re developing your digital strategy. Pinboard is an alternative social bookmarking tool. Similar to instapaper. But with a more basic layout. An information management framework can help you understand how these tools can be us most effectively. Graphic of information management framework. From andy bytheway graphic of information management framework. From andy bytheway why choose dmi? Source the data source might be internal or external. An organization will have internal data that it has collect about its customers. Data information knowledge

Financial information

Sales figures. Financial information. This can then be translat into valuable insights. It will also have external sources of data. Such as gps positioning. Journals. Social web. And postcodes. Structure once the sources of data. Both internal and external. Have been consider. You have to to work out how they are structur. What information can be glean from both internal and external latest database sources of structur and unstructur data? Structur data is data that has been organiz. So that its elements can be effectively process and analyz. An example of strutcur data would be a list of your top 10 customers from hundrs of customer profiles from your ecommerce store unstructur data is data that is not stor in an organiz format.

Information management tools

latse database

Unstructur data is typically text-heavy. But may contain data such as dates. Numbers. And facts as well. Information management tools can store both structur and unstructur data and assist in the process of managing the complete lifecycle of information. From its identification and collection. To its disposal through archiving or deletion. They can encompass all physical and BS Leads electronic data collect by a business from its customers. Employees. And vendors. Knowlge management tools knowlge management tools can help an organization create. Organize. And manage content for an audience. A simple example is faqs which can be us by an audience to find answers to common queries. Data information knowledge.

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