Understand What They Are and Learn How to Create Them

A Buyer Persona is a fictitious profile based on real customer data. It is the personification of your company’s ideal customer. Understand What It is the basis of the entire Digital Marketing strategy and content production. Therefore, Unlike the target audience, which is generic, the buyer persona has specific characteristics. Thinking about this, Alan Cooper , considered the father of buyer personas. Therefore, Extended the concept of the target audience and created a way to optimize, segment and define. Therefore, Who that audience is, what they do and what they like.

Understand What is a Buyer Persona

As we already said, he is a semi fictional character. Based on job function email list real data, who represents the ideal customer of a brand. He is also known as an avatar . Therefore, The objective is to create a profile that synthesizes the main characteristics of customers so that. The brand can create strategies that impact its audience and are able to satisfy their demands . Therefore, buyer personas are based on data, not the marketing team’s assumptions. Therefore, The person who created the concept of Buyer Personas was Alan Cooper. A software designer and programmer, when he developed a project management system in 1983.

Here is a Simple Example of a Person

He has an analytical profile and BS Leads is focused on numbers. Obsessed with news and innovations (he looks for news in the international market), always wants to qualify his team. Therefore, He does not have much time and his schedule is tight. You would like to increase your results with marketing, generate more leads and qualified clients. Increase your sales, innovate your team’s strategies and be seen as an authority in the market. Their main obstacles are the lack of budget to invest in new solutions, the excess of tasks. Therefore, The difficulty of managing time and the little manpower available to put all their ideas into practice.

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