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On oral tradition harper is describ positively (Crofton Crocker’s version recommends him. As always a good-natur little fellow), while the second A harpist is portray negatively. Born as a irascible and cunning creature). Another feature of this story is. That it is sometimes told as a legend, a short story that may be true. While at other times it is told as an ancient tale. A more fantastical tale that took place in another world. To see this distribution, we are tagging whether specific place names are mention in the release, such as guarante local names.

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To begin work on this project, all available Poland Email List Irish versions of the stories were collect. For this step, our previous work by collectors and archivists organizing stories by story type or story type was helpful. The invaluable index leads us to all available versions. Aome are in Publish in the archives, some are only available in manuscript volumes. One of my duties this summer was to spend a week reading old stories in the Irish Folklore Collection, an experience I highly recommend. Many members of the project are helping to sift through Irish and Scottish versions of Harp Tales, coding each story by filling out spreadsheets for each characteristic.

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AnalysisAll stories are turn into a string BS Leads of numbers representing the status of attributes, which can be us for statistics and calculations. With this data, we can perform simple assessments such as creating a basic genealogical clade or highlighting distinct traits on a story map to identify traits with regional differences. The dataset will allow folklorists to visualize stories in different comparative ways, leading to clearer emerging patterns. More sophisticat phylogenetic analyzes would be able to take into account different rates of change of traits, reveal more about genetic processes, and establish possible.

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