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With the support of SFG, s to be built on the infrastructure that was once us for agriculture. “The rapidly growing market demand made the expansion necessary. We are currently working on around projects – the highest level since the company was found in ,” explains the managing director. The software company, which specializes in digital online marketing, has implement more than , projects. The portfolio includes customer management programs, so callCRM applications, as well as online stores and classic homepages. Spar, Universal Music, DAS legal protection, Peugeot and Mondi rely on the South Styrian knowhow.

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Currently, an initiative on transparency of the Industry Email List pharmaceutical industry is driving expansion for Körbler. In-house development makes an important contribution to. The disclosure of cash flows between the pharmaceutical industry and doctors: “We work with all sizes in the pharmaceutical segment. The entire pharmaceutical division expects an improv reputation and more clarity for the consumer of the open access,” emphasizes the founder of the company. Creative variety through the greenhouse To take into account the high orders, the software company has now acquir adjacent agricultural buildings, which can not only be us for programming: “We plant Isabella grapes on almost square meters.

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We want to use this to produce around , bottles BS Leads of wine per year,” explains Körbler. In addition, there will be a greenhouse for the employees on the new land: “Each of our employees will have a few square meters of garden that they can plant and work on themselves – including digital monitoring of the garden,” says the manager. director with a smile. With these measures, he wants to “create the most pleasant working atmosphere possible for his employees on the one hand, and on the other hand dealing with plants creates an inspir change of software,” Körbler is sure.

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