Asthma in pregnancy – Symptoms therapy

Uncontrolled asthma during pregnancy can cause reduced oxygen flow to the fetus, a risk that can cause the baby to have lower body weight and slow growth at birth. In mothers, it can cause preeclampsia, problems with the placenta and increased blood pressure. It is difficult to predict how pregnancy affects asthma, as every pregnant woman reacts differently. About 1/3 of them have improved symptoms, the same number have almost no change or worsening of symptoms. What is important is that asthma should be controlled so that it does not put mother and baby at risk. Dr. Kamelija Bushljetiq, pulmonologist, recommends every pregnant woman who has asthma to have a monthly check-up with a pulmonologist.

Drug therapy

Symptoms asthma symptoms are not the same in every pregnant woman. You may have only one symptom. While someone else may have all of them. The most common symptoms include: cough, especially at night shortness of breath Poland Phone Number Data or difficulty breathing tightness. Pain or pressure in the chest wheezing in the chest pulmoallergists say that if you have more than two bronchitis in a year. Or colds last longer than usual and are accompanied by wheezing in the chest and/or tightness and heaviness. And if the cough lasts longer than 8 weeks. Then you should definitely consult your doctor. He will first review your medical history. Family history, and symptoms.

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Family history

The doctor may recommend breathing tests, allergy tests, blood tests and chest x-rays. If these tests raise the suspicion of asthma, additional tests will be needed to confirm or rule out the presence of asthma. Drug therapy Often, pregnant women who have asthma make the mistake of thinking they should avoid taking regular Indonesia Phone Number List therapy for fear of harming their baby. Fortunately, a large number of medicines that are used are not harmful and can be used without problem during pregnancy. Family history If one of the parents has allergies, then the chances are high that the child will also have allergies. as well as the tendency to allergies and other diseases of modern life.

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