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A turbulent Naturally, important statements and announcements, without which you cannot do modern SEO. Nevertheless, many interesting words were said about changes around the search engine, Google tools, and surprisingly often about indexing. We invite you. We start the summary from the previous year with the words ” pass peacefully”. This definitely cannot be said about , which saw a major update to the Penguin algorithm. In the list of quotes, this automatically gives the obvious. First place for the words of the Google employee announcing the changes.

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There were also many other interesting Canadian Email Lists statements – we invite you below! th: Daniel Boffey, itor of The Guardian Brussels says the tech. Giant has abus a marketing monopoly by manipulating its own search results to favor its comparison shopping service. No Davey Alba, itor of WIR “I’m not saying that’s the whole cause of the current crisis,” says the former Google rater, “but I believe that the instability of our program is a factor. We raters train AI, but we know very well that human eyes and human brains take time to evaluate content.

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Raters say their workflow prioritizes volume BS Leads and spe over accuracy. In some cases, they are ask to rate hours-long videos in less than two minutes. In anonymous forums, raters exchange time-saving techniques. th position: William Turton, itor of Gizmodo “Yesterday I wrote a short article about boxing, Google’s Top Stories. If you search for “great barrier reef” on Wnesday, you got a Breitbart article fill with crazy claims about climate change being fake, plac at the top of the results in the “Top Stories” box. When I contact a company spokesperson, they assur me that it was perfectly normal for an article written by a well-known.

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