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In e-commerce E-commerce:! with Ceneo Update of case studies The world of sensations – sales results What affects positioning prices? COn April , , Google sent out the first notifications regarding the mobile first index. The news informs about the transition to indexing a given site mainly using a mobile crawler and, interestingly, so far it has reach a very small number of domains in Google Search Console (up to in ), which are often neglect mobile sites. We have receiv information for an old, unposition website, whose mobile test leaves no illusions: Other columnists also report receiving notifications for mobile-friendly sites, such as Jennifer Slegg .

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I receiv an email for an outdat site that is definitely Benin Email List not mobile friendly (), has never been updat for mobile and would be extremely difficult to view on any mobile device. Mobility is not a criterion in the mobile first index The content of the sent messages clearly specifies: Crawling, indexing and positioning systems have historically us your desktop site content, which could cause problems for mobile search users when the desktop version was different from the mobile version. Our analysis concludes that the mobile and desktop versions of your website are comparable.

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The only criterion is the comparability of the BS Leads content available for the desktop Googlebot and for the mobile Googlebot . Changes after moving to mobile first index In our case, we did not notice increas activity of indexing robots, no new indexing errors appear, the index itself and the form of index subpages in the search results did not change. However, it is worth remembering that this is a very small sample – just one domain. What can change? Currently, Google cares about enabling a different indexing method only for pages that have similar desktop and mobile versions. In the future, however, all pages will be mov, including the less cohesive ones.

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