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interactive advertising bureau, the main organization responsible for setting standards for the advertising industry and conducting business research, released a report [18] annually, detailing the six different categories that distinguish primary advertising types. In-Feed advertising unit: As the name suggests, In-Feed advertising is a unit located in Feed, the normal content of the website, which means that they seem to be written by the publisher team or in collaboration with the publisher team to match the surrounding story match.

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In-Feed is a category popularized by sponsored articles on Unworthy Angeles area ), the fifth largest region   special data  in the United States, the United States The 41st largest region has an urban area with a population of 9.67 million.[7] Ethnic diversity in the Bay Area: About three-fifths of the residents of the area are Hispanic, Asian, African-American, or Pacific Islander ( and the other two-fifths are non-Hispanic whites) , They have an important influence in the entire Bay Area.

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The earliest archaeological evidence of human residence in the Bay Area can be traced back to Bacchus from Coyote Hills from 8000-10,000 BC. In 1769, the Spanish expedition led by Gaspar de Pocola (Gaspar de Portola) entered the bay. This was the first time a recorded European visited the bay area, and the bay area began to live with   BS Leads  the Orin people. After Mexico’s independence from Spain in 1821, the area was briefly controlled by the Mexican government until the United States occupied the territory during the 1846 US-Mexico War.

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