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They are deem lazy and sponging. But with me, and several people that I know, this could not be further from the truth. I know people that are super successful, love their jobs, main bread winners of families, artists and more, who desperately want to work but just can’t until they get their mental health under control. I am also aware that working is proven, in some cases, to help with mental health issues. Having a routine, less money worries, being sociable – and yes this is very true for many, but it’s not a one size fits all situation.

Home cook meals from scratch

For many years I work in an office, I didn’t particularly Cameroon WhatsApp Number List want to but I ne to pay the bills. I can honestly say it made my mental health the worst it could be at times. I’d suffer crippling anxiety and depression and would lie my way around so many situations, make myself look bad and would physically make myself ill. Now that I have children and another on the way, I will not be able to return to traditional work for some time – again mainly down to childcare costs (an argument for another day) but I also want to make sure.

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Ince becoming a mother

I am ready mentally and not put myself in BS Leads triggering situations that could potentially lead to another breakdown. I am a complete and utter perfectionist as well as an ‘all or nothing’ kind of person (thanks BPD). So I have to be super organis and do everything myself my way. Because of this I get burnt out very quickly. But at the moment it’s not something I know how to change. As all stay at home parents out there will know, it’s tough. It’s a full time job in itself.

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