There Was A Rattling

On a regular basis. Getting up and rebuilding that day was the best thing I’ve ever done. I could have miss so much: I made more money, I party every week, I even gain weight and built muscle again. I’m the best I’ve been in a long time. Looking at my new watch, I decid it was time to meet my friends at the club. With my head held high, I stroll across the bridge and walk into the town. I plann to meet, with, and other people outside the nightclub around the night. Now it is, I’m standing by the club and waiting.

I ne another drink

My phone start ringing. Jack is on the phone. He Ethiopia Email List said he couldn’t come tonight, without giving any reason. if And it wouldn’t be so disappointing if someone else didn’t call soon with the same news. The empty night grew colder, and the wind began to blow. Now that I’ve arriv, I’ve decid to go into the club alone. Maybe I’ll meet some people while I’m inside. The music is loud. Hundrs of people danc around me, smiling and laughing. Through the crowd, I made my way to the bar.

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Maybe a few more

A few minutes pass before I could order BS Leads a drink. After the food was serv,. Many pairs of eyes seem to stare at me curiously. People glanc at me, then look away. Suddenly, the laughter I saw was direct at me. Is it the way I stand? Is it the fact that I’m alone? I fidget over and over again. Then I decid to move. No one spoke to me all night and I certainly didn’t have the guts to strike up a conversation. Everyone around me was dancing with friends or in pairs. In this atmosphere, I feel empty and out of place.

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