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Of an individual. hardships or daily situations as well as more complex and individual issues. Psychiatrist Has the ability to prescribe mication for mental illnesses and provide diagnosis. Also understands physical health and can work alongside a GP (general practitioner doctor). Counsellor Assists in smaller, less complex issues and has less qualifications than other therapists but can be really effective for those dealing with anxiety, depression or general life issues. Specialists Depending on your mental illness or hardship there are a wide variety of specialis therapists who focus on a certain topic and provide support with that set issue.

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Specialist can be for, addiction, substance use, trauma bas disorders, major depressive or anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, disorder Benin WhatsApp Number List eating, personality disorders, life coaches, relationship counselling, family therapy, bipolar and literally anything else you can imagine! They will have varying levels of qualifications depending on what they are treating. Art therapists This includes all forms of visual and expressive arts like music, painting, dance, drama, sculpting, drawing and everything in between. The aim of this therapy is to provide clients with a creative outlet to express their emotions and thoughts.

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Distant therapists This refers to being away BS Leads from your therapist and not being face to face with someone. You simply call, email, text, web chat, video call or send letters and get the help you ne without being present with a total stranger. Social workers Assist in helping with mental health, wellbeing and relationships. They are very similar to counsellors but typically have more experience. So now that the common types of therapists are cover and you hopefully understand them a little better, how do you know if your therapist is right for you? First of all figure out what category out of the above that they fit into or if they are different entirely.

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