5 service failures and how to solve them

Are you investing time and money to get customers for your business, but haven’t been able to close the sale of a property? This could be a sign that there are gaps in your service or communication with your customer. See in this article the main service failures and how. To resolve them. 1 – Forgets about customers, or what was talked about with them If you need to remember the last customers you served, will you be able to tell who they are and what was discussed with each of them? If the answer is no, it is important that you pay attention to this. To give an accurate answer to customer questions.

You forget scheduled appointments with the

You need to know the history of what was discussed with them, to better understand the needs of your website. Furthermore, you need to consult the information of customers you have already served, so as not to forget anyone, and 5 service failures. Always France WhatsApp Number Data make the customer remember you. Slow service Customer service needs to be easy and agile. Remember that the client may be viewing properties with you and with several other brokers, so a good and agile service could be the difference that was needed for him to choose you to mediate the property negotiation . If you are unable to send the ideal properties.

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Lack of knowledge in real estate

To your client in an agile and quick way, perhaps you need a system that helps you search and send the ideal properties in a few 5 service failures clicks. Tecimob: Website ready for real estate agents and real estate agencies. A complete tool. For you to sell more! 3 – When capturing a new property, you don’t know who the potential customers are for that Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List property Part of providing excellent service is capturing a property. And sending it to potential interested parties. If you are capturing. Properties,  there is a serious failure. your service. Which could make you miss several opportunities to negotiate the property.

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