How it works and is used in 2022

You can consult additional and detailed information on Data Protection at this link. How  Simply register as a teacher to add your own assignments and create workbooks for students to take notes during class time or at home during homework time. To register you need: Have an email account linked to the educational center.

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And a username (must be your name email leads or your name at school).  It is very easy to create interactive .You only have to: Upload the document (pdf, doc, jpg…) to the platform. The document is converted to an image. Now you will have to draw text boxes on the page and include the correct answers. You can also create drag and drop type exercises, to make the sheet even more interactive. The student will have access to a wide range of questions with explanations and step-by-step procedures to solve them. 

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The maximum number of BS Leads private tokens you can have is 30 . Additionally, they warn you not to upload any pages that contain copyrighted content such as books or other websites; These would be protected by the rights holders. If you want to see the process of creating the interactive cards, watch this video tutorial: Click to accept marketing cookies and allow this content  .

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