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Customers’ schules as an employee you just have to ask your boss. But if you want to take time off as an entrepreneur, you’ll have to talk to all your bosses your clients and partners. let them know about your plans and hope that they will still want to work with you when you return.Use your time as an employee to take free lessons. Although being an entrepreneur requires a lot of work, it is still a very rewarding lifestyle because you can take more ownership of what you do. As an employee, it can be frustrating to do your job and not get praise or rewards, but as an entrepreneur you feel great when you make your customers happy and the business grows.

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Over time, you can build strong relationships Switzerland WhatsApp Number List with clients and hire a team to help you, so you gain more flexibility and freom to do what you want.However, to get to that point, you ne to have a strong work ethic, good marketing skills and a strong network of people to turn to for advice and support.He has work for clients such as UNDP Montenegro, Government of Montenegro, Social Innovation Laboratory in Zagreb. He has extensive experience in training programs for clients such as Coca-Cola (in Serbia), Roche, Trebjesa Brewery Nikšić.

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Crnogorski Telekom (member of Deutsche BS Leads Telekom Group), Erste Serbian Bank, UniCrit etc.He is the program director of, the largest regional marketing conference.Vladimir has been a speaker at conferences that have been held in countries, on continents, from Peru to Taiwan. He is also a Tx speaker and has years of experience as a lecturer at the University, at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica for the subject of strategic management. Matt DesmierMatt is one of those people who sees digital marketing problems and business growth issues.

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