What is Blended Marketing and what is it for

Although it may seem very contradictory, the answer is yes; at least in Marketing… Hello hello! How’s everything going there? Good? I hope so! Really. I’m doing very well, without major variations, without stopping, with smiles and tears (the movie is great, even if it seems cheesy to you), strength and hopes. That’s what I wish for you! With a lot of work, that too. Why am I going to deny it to you? And among that work, a conversation with a client talking about whether it is appropriate to have an exclusively online strategy or a combination of online-offline. But is that possible? (she tells me). Isn’t online what is making traditional not work? And I, with that naughty face.

I get look at him and say

We have always heard how traditional marketing, that is, offline, gave way and was superseded by the new digital marketing . However, what we have not heard so executive email list much about is that there is a type of marketing that merges these two areas , Blended Marketing. The advances in digitalization, the change in consumer behavior and the birth of new tools have caused the need to adapt marketing strategies to new media and platforms , but without forgetting the traditionally used media. Nowadays, consumers are multiplatform , that is, they consume content through both traditional and more innovative media. Therefore, brands must take care of their strategies in both areas. One way to achieve this is with Blended Marketing. For example, through online marketing you can learn more about consumers and, therefore, make.

More precise segmentations

Which allows us to customize products or adjust prices based on customer needs and demands. It also helps us optimize interaction with customers and, therefore, strengthen ties to BS Leads increase loyalty. With offline marketing you can carry out strategies such as contests, discounts in physical stores, guerrilla marketing actions, etc. A clear example is that a person sees a product in a television advertisement that catches their attention (let’s say a wonderful gel, for example) and quickly goes to the Internet to see its characteristics, opinions of other buyers, compare prices. , etc. (I say, come on, I’m making it up).

For Blended Marketing to provide benefits to strategies, it is very important to have knowledge of both online and offline media . We must be aware that this type of marketing is a fusion of the two supports, that is, neither should be a complement to the other. In addition, you must work on the same brand identity or message , but adapting it to each medium.

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