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Clinical trials etc In the US-bas mia, by patients, survivors and victims of the psychiatry industry in public places against the method of treatment adopt by psychiatry. We have nothing of that sort here in India. It is unimaginable. Here, the threshold of victimization is very high. There you have the CCHR, famous psychiatrists like Dr Peter Breggins, Dr Peter Gotzsche, Dr Thomas Szasz, Dr Glasse William, Dr Mark Hymann, Dr Niall McLaren etc. We don’t have psychiatrists of their stature. None of them, none anywhere near them. Their talks are quite revealing.

Rough estimates without a census

There are also notable contributions from Oman WhatsApp Number List itor Robert Whitaker who wrote, The Anatomy of an Epidemic. I would also like to mention one psychiatry survivor Laura Delano, whose blogs I us to read and talks I us to listen to, as well. I think she was the one who l the survivors’ movement in front of an important office in the US. We are living on the wrong side of the globe, if not the wrong planet. Psychiatrists for . Billion People Lastly, I would like to mention one UK bas Indian psychiatrist, whose videos I have lik.

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A report for a mental health

Not all of them, but some of them for BS Leads sure because at times, he transcends the boundary between politics and religion and the talk becomes non-psychiatric. He talks about mental health for all. The disparity between psychiatric health and other physical illness, the statistics of mental health, the public health dimension of mental health. etc. His name is Dr Vikram Patel. We do have our Srivastava committee report which I found on the net. I’m not sure if the government is following his guidelines or not. Anyway, his remarks were that India would take several decades to have a robust mental health system. For . billion people, we still have only to psychiatrists.

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