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UNIT STATES iam in It’sI last wrote anything and it’s not for lack of ideas! It’s a case of being too busy. What is love? So why am I talking about being overwhelm with love? I think firstly I ne to define love. There is familial love which is the love you feel for your family, friendship love which is the love you feel for your friends. Then there is romantic love which is the most well-known. And I swear % of songs are written about this subject!! And finally there is pure unconditional love. It’s the latter one I want to talk about.

So I decid not to go back

Overwhelm-with-love-pin – Many of us Bahrain WhatsApp Number List abuse survivors are told we don’t deserve love, that we’re incapable of being lov. That if people knew truths about us they wouldn’t like us. In November I blogg about how I had surgery and had been question about my religious beliefsactually stop going to church. I cut off all ties with them and told them that I could never be religious. In March I start therapy and made the stupid mistake of disclosing my diagnosis and suddenly I was responsible for everything. My beliefs didn’t matter, I was a problem I ne to change.

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On Saturday I had session number

I was getting worse but holding it together BS Leads at the same time. In the end it was a visit to my GP that made her see what was happening. I told her how two events she knew about had been interpret. She was disgust by this. She advis me to find a new therapist. GP feeling physically sick at the way I’d been treat by that therapist I found a different therapist. Going back to church Last Sunday I made the decision to go to church. Initially I was reluctant to go back to my old church so went to a different church but it didn’t feel right.

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