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A close trusting relationship with people with ‘unconditional positive regard’. No matter who they are, what their history is, or how they speak with you or do to you, you treat everyone the same. All these histories are not a usual part of life for the average Joe Bloggs on the street to hear. We bear this in our hearts everyday. Unconditional positive regard Some people have committ the most immoral acts such as rape, murder, violent acts. Some are paophiles. On a regular basis, as a nurse, you are verbally abus. Scream at, accus of being an asshole, not caring etc. Sometimes physically attack.

We cry on the way home

Most of the time you can understand this is Qatar WhatsApp Number List not the norm for this person but because they’re unwell they see you as the enemy and understandably so. Especially when the mental health act has been enforc. But all the while you’re trying to help, trying to help ‘recovery,’ showing you care. These factors are obviously risks, whether to others or, more often, to the people themselves and it takes a lot of responsibility to assess and manage this. It’s huge. Often we are fac with self harm and suicide. Dressing wounds, managing overdoses, cutting ligatures.

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We cant show it too much

Sometimes finding people who have BS Leads sadly complet suicide. Standing up in court even though you know you have tri to help the best you can. We have to remain professional When you have your own mental illness (obviously stable if practising), it’s a conscious effort to not over identify. I want to say to them ‘I’m here because I know how it feels and I want to help,’ but you can’t. And sometimes you’re shout at and seen as the bad person and sometimes it feels that connection, that true understanding, might help.

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