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In web development and web design, ” CRM and ERP solution, on a product call ” suite”. We have just launch the new website for the CRM solution” suite” releas. Behind suiteis technically the KundenMeister with its own functions, adapt to the English-speaking world. Suite CRMis the right CRM system for marketing, sales and service. We support you to optimize your interactions with your customers and your processes. What is Suite CRM? From our point of view, CRM means “Customer Relationship Management” and is not just the CRM software, but the entire philosophy of a company or organization.

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Concretely, this applies above all to sales, marketing Job Function Email Database and support as well as project management in a company. A CRM system is always the basis for a successful CRM. From now on we can offer you a new product from the company Koerbler to present File Banking. File Bankingare specially optimiz for companies, schools and organizations Nextcloud serverswhich guarantee the safe storage of documents, photos, contacts, appointments, tasks and notes in an Austrian data center in accordance with EU GDPR. Sync and share your documents securely from anywhere in the world on all common devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

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Host your private cloud with a provider you BS Leads can trust! Our Nextcloud infrastructure is specially design for use in small and large Nextcloud jobs. We offer you reliable services and do full management of your Nextcloud solution. Nextcloud hosting location: Austria The server location in Austria guarantees % protection of your data in the cloud. Advantage of the Nextcloud solution: always Up date Automatic synchronization means you always have access to the latest version of your work. The Nextcloud applications integrate seamlessly into your front-end system landscape and enable every employee to have access to all the documents at any time that they are also entitl to see.

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