Peaceful In The Knowlge

It are my friends. me, want the best for me and, above all else, love me unconditionally. In the past I had question if these guys really car about me. But when I lost them I was fac with the horrible reality of how the system treats child abuse survivors as not worthy of love or care. To suddenly realise there were people in my life who really did love me unconditionally meant that unknown to them I actually cri in church. And I don’t cry in public often.

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When you’ve liv a large part of your life in Belgium WhatsApp Number List a world where you’ve felt undeserving or unworthy of love to know people love and care about you regardless is powerful. I’m so grateful Many of us abuse survivors are told we don’t deserve love, that we’re incapable of being lov. That if people knew truths about us they wouldn’t like us, a perpetual cycle of abuse that ultimately kills. I’ve been lucky that two GPs caught it before it became critical and deadly. I count my blessings that I had people in my life who genuinely care about me, be that professionals in the form those two GPs, or my friends.

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I know for many abuse survivors what BS Leads I have is a luxury beyond any measure of imagination. But it took not having it and risk losing it forever to appreciate and want to keep it close for life. Finally my church has said there is no pressure to be involv at this stage. They have advis me I can come to life groups and young adults etc when I am ready, I don’t have to serve until I am ready. This is a change they’ve undergone in the last few months too. UNIT STATES Five hundr days. Five hundr days!! Yes, days since you drew your last breath.

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