I Cant Think Of Right Now

Happily it has been going reasonably well. One of the things I recognis that made me anxious was sitting on the inside seat of trains or buses because of my perception that I would get trapp and not be able to get off in the right place, or at all. I’ve now ‘expos’ myself to this situation with safety behaviours which were having my earphones in playing music and playing with my phone as a distraction several times. My anxiety decreas during the exercise at each attempt. I’ve now done it twice with no safety behaviours with minimum anxiety.

Maybe even because afraid

Also I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of being Namibia WhatsApp Number List unemploy and had put in a claim for Universal crit, and was set to receive my first payment next week, however, good news. I start work tomorrow (Tuesday) at my new job, it all happen quite quickly but after being unemploy for around months I will be glad to get back to it!! On another note, after these to sessions are complete, my therapist is referring me for some more intense CBT for my social anxiety. Now, I didn’t really recognise my anxiety as particularly social anxiety , but sitting down and doing.

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Or even because of something

The CBT counselling exercises, because you BS Leads have to try to help yourself , I realis a lot of situations that cause me anxiety are social, like ordering in restaurants, paying at a till, and eye contact. Eye contact is something I’ve struggl with for a long time now, I’m not sure why though, maybe it’s because I’m really self aware or self conscious of people looking at me or they think I’m staring, maybe it’s the idea that someone can ‘look you in the eye’ and blatantly lie to you, or maybe it’s because of the bullying that happen.

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