Restore youth to your décolletage and hands

Restore youth to your  are the two strongest symbols of femininity, we always neglect them. And therefore, that is where the first signs of aging appear. If you do not pay enough attention and time to these two parts of the body. These parts will become tired and the first signs of premature aging will appear. Wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity. Loss of subcutaneous fat and skin volume, skin damage. Excessively dry skin or age spots are just some of the consequences you will face. Depending on how much sun exposure you had during your youth, aging will give you the appearance of brown spots. The end result is wrinkles, sagging skin and veins becoming more and more prominent.

It’s time for caution

During the summer, the hands and the décolleté are always exposed to the sun’s rays, and this is exactly what damages them more. Therefore, winter is the best period when we can engage in activities in terms of proper care and treatment. Dr. Andrej Petrov from the Laser Center presents to you the latest revolutionary combined France WhatsApp Number Data treatment for hand and décolleté skin rejuvenation with the eCO2 laser and PRP method. A unique treatment for a seductive cleavage and soft and delicate hands, only at the “Acibadem Sistina” clinical hospital. It’s time for caution.

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The secret of Hollywood stars

To prevent the negative consequences that winter leaves on the skin, devote time and care to the treatment of hands and décolletage. The winter season does not have a positive effect on our skin, but on the other hand, it is the ideal Singapore WhatsApp Number List period to treat the skin with a laser. The reason for this is the fact that these areas of the body are not exposed to sunlight. The treatments should be started as soon as possible in order to prevent these injuries. We introduce you to the newest method of laser eCO2 and PRP, by which the brightness, toning, rejuvenation of the skin on your hands and décolleté will return after only 5 treatments.

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