Problem that can be solved

This intervention, which serves for permanent hair treatment. Therefore, was performed for the first time in the country at the  clinical hospital. For everything related to the fue method. We received answers from doc. Dr. Andrej petrov. What is the fue method. It is a minimally invasive intervention. Through which you will be able to solve your hair loss problem in a very short time. Unlike other hair transplant methods where it is necessary to transplant with parts or whole pieces of skin. With this method only hair strands taken from. The neck area are used which are transplanted in the area where the hair is missing.

Hair for hair – natural look

These hairs never fall out. Therefore, Because they Malaysia Phone Number Data do not have receptors on the surface. With which the male hormone testosterone. Therefore, which is responsible for hair loss, binds. Therefore the success is great. How is the intervention performed. The procedure is carried out with the help of a special device by means of which hair. Therefore, trands are taken very precisely from the back of the head. Without marks and without damage to the surrounding roots. Which is an advantage compared to the techniques of others.  Therefore, This procedure is performed under the influence of local anesthesia, and is completely painless.

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Who is the ideal candidate

Individual follicles are taken from the area China Phone Number List where you have more hair.  Therefore, And with the help of special tweezers, the transplant is done in the area where the hair is missing. Hair for hair – natural look this method has many advantages and is extremely popular. Therefore, since the hair strands that are transplanted in the missing area have the same natural color as the rest of the hair. It is not painful at all and lasts 4-5 hours. After which you immediately return to your daily duties. After the end of the transplant, no marks will remain, do not use a bandage on the head and do not remove the pen. This procedure is performed very precisely and your problem is solved permanently.

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