What Is A Network Assessment And Why Does Your Organization Needs One?

A Salesforce admin should have a natural acumen to turn ideas into reality. Since internal customers don’t know how Salesforce works, it is an admin’s responsibility to translate user ideas into functional end products. An admin should be able to use process mapping to understand the right need and create solutions based on that. Lastly, system admins should also have a working knowledge of process builder which is an in-platform tool to create custom workflows and processes.

Organizational Strategy and Optimization

You can’t create optimal automation and user settings company data without a strategic plan in place. A well-thought plan involves thinking about the time frame for strategy execution, foreseeing potential issues, and finding the best solutions to team management problems. Before hiring an admin for the role in your organization, ensure that they have the acumen to think about problems from a future standpoint. This will help you optimize CRM in ways you have never seen before.

Developer Mindset is a Must

Since the role of a Salesforce database administrator is crucial for your organization’s success, your team must spend considerable time shortlisting the right candidates. The best BS Leads way to gauge the skill set of potential candidates is to look at various aspects as mentioned above. To shortlist candidates, you can rely on AppExchange and Clutch listings of companies. We hope these points will set you in the right direction while you make a hiring decision for your organization.

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