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As the saying goes “unity is strength”. So don’t want to cover everything and create. Therefore, apable of executing your business strategy. Vilma Núñez uses the 80/20 technique: 10% is spent coming up with ideas, 80% is her team executing them, and the other 10% is her validating what was implemented. In other words, she is not the only one responsible for her success, and so she has time to be more strategic and visionary, which, in the end, is much more beneficial for the business than dedicating herself 100% to the operational part. .


How to convert a jpg file to PDF from cell phone

Affiliates are excellent business allies, as. Therefore, they help you reach new audiences and promote your product executive data on a wide variety of channels including them in your business. Therefore, strategy is a great idea. On the other hand, partnering with companies that offer you services, whether payment gateways,  or other types, helps you strengthen your personal brand. For example, Vilma’s participation as a speaker at the FIRE Festival 2023 is an example of this strategy, since  is her business ally.


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Branding is also related to personal branding, but it basically consists of allocating resources to strengthen the positioning and BS Leads recognition. Therefore, of your brand in the market, seeking to differentiate yourself. Therefore, from the competition and obtain.

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