How to use WhatsApp to sell properties in your real estate agency.

It’s not news to anyone that the internet has changed the way we sell properties and communicate with customers. Furthermore, technology has brought excellent tools that help with real estate services, one of which is WhatsApp. The instant messaging application allows people to come together and, above all, facilitates contact with customers, helping to provide services and speeding up negotiations. However, it is very important that we know how to use WhatsApp correctly so that there are no misunderstandings and no customers are lost because of it. In this article we will show you what WhatsApp Business is and how it can help you in your real estate business! Difference between Regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business To begin with, it is important.

Difference between Regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

That you understand the differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business is made for small and medium-sized businesses, and has extra features compared to the standard app. As an executive account, it has several Spain Phone Number Data facilities that can and should be explored by real estate agencies to maintain contact with new clients, renters and property owners, here are some differences: Quick messages: With them you can create a standard text to start your service or to introduce the company at first. Plus, you can use it when you’re away, so the customer knows that you can’t respond at the moment and that you will respond as soon as you can. Profile: An important tool that must be handled with care. In the Business version you.

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Why you should adopt WhatsApp Business in your real estate agency

Can create a profile of your company, like a kind of business card. You can enter your address, link to your real estate website , email and opening hours. Pay attention when updating the information and keep your client with the correct information  Business version. You’ll be able to track your numbers more easily. The feature is still basic Thailand Phone Number List but it can give you a good view of how your messages are viewed. Here you can see which message had the. Greatest reach, the number of messages sent and which ones were actually. Opened and read. This tool is great if you want to design marketing strategies . Hang tags: Another practical function that helps organize your conversations.

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