The parties will make their electoral expenses public

ThatThe electoral pre-agreement between Podemos and  Unida raises a question: Will IU enter the Compromís lists? The other two confluences of the purple party – Catalonia  and Galicia (En Marea) – already have members of Alberto Garzón’s party in their candidacies. Now there is Mónica Oltra’s approval for Pablo Iglesias. Podemos and reached, this Monday, a preliminary electoral agreement to participate together in the general elections on June 26. However, Pablo Iglesias agreed to seal that alliance with Alberto Garzón without first ensuring that his confluence in the Valencian Community – Compromís – was going to agree to include IU members on its lists . In  they already have members of Garzón’s party in their respective candidacies: in Catalonia there is the Initiative for Catalunya Verds (ICV) and in Galicia, Esquerda Unida (EU). Therefore, it remains to be known the position of .risk that a Brexit victory in the referendum held yesterday in the United Kingdom would pose to the Spanish economy.

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Sense, the first conclusion drawn by the Executive is that the majority decision of British citizens to leave the European Union has a.  Planetary scope that this morning . Shakes all international markets, especially the London one , and sudden movements in all the assets. The IBEX 35 has opened with what, for now, is the biggest drop in its history , with a collapse of 15.9%, to 7472.3 points, which  Argentina Phone Number Database moderates to 9% in a few minutes, until recovering the 8,100 points. El Confidencial Digital has spoken with the spokesperson for the Valencian confluence in the Congress of Deputies, Joan Baldoví , who, in relation to this matter, assures that “ everything is up in the air. Nothing is closed yet .” According to the leader, his party has already held two meetings with Podemos and IU to “negotiate” the integration:  the vice president of the and leader of Compromís, Mónica Oltra , has not yet given her consent to Pablo Iglesias to include members of IU in his candidacy.

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leaving. Picardo has settled any possibility of co-sovereignty of the Rock with Spain , as its citizens rejected outright in 2002. Gibraltarians . Have gone to the polls en masse. Achieving a turnout of 83.53% of the 24,117 inhabitants  . With the right to vote. The results of th Cambodia Phone Number List colony’s By representatives of the four main parties to reach an agreement on reducing spending during the campaign has ended in failure, since there has been no possible agreement. However, PP, PSOE, Podemos and  have committed to being more transparent. As El Confidencial Digital has learned , PP and PSOE have been the ones that have shown the most reluctance when it comes to analyzing the possible reduction of electoral spending. The Podemos and  proposal proposed savings close to 50 percent , a cut that neither the Popular Party nor the Socialists were willing to accept. The two emerging parties, aware of the position that their interlocutors were going to take to this meeting, have proposed, once the lack of agreement was confirmed, a new proposal: that all parties make public, during the campaign or once the elections have been held , the accounts with the expenses caused by 26-J. The initiative, anticipated by  , as confirmed by representatives of these parties once the meeting in Congress concluded.

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