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Apple is aware that taking the crown from Google in the search market is inevitably “remote”, but scratching a small market share would already be a success for the apple company. On the other hand, the fact that Apple is working on its own search engine does not mean in any way that the company is going to launch it soon, much less that it agrees to shatter its lucrative agreement with Google.

Services division, testified before

Not in vain, in the antitrust trial currently being held overseas against the Mountain category email list View company Eddy Cue, head of Apple’s services division, testified before the judge that “there were no valid alternatives” to Google. Even so, and even being aware of the limitations of its own search engine, Apple is already integrating this technology into services such as “Spotlight” .

Cupertino also want to more deeply integrate

Which helps users carry out searches in the bowels of the company’s devices. And also in the BS Lads Siri voice assistant. Those from Cupertino also want to more deeply integrate their search engine into the App Store, Apple’s application store. And they also want to integrate generative AI into their search engine so that it provides more precise answers to users.

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