Contract renewal: 3 actions that encourage your student to renew with you!

When students’ contracts are coming to an end, the question arises as to whether they will be renewed… read this post to find out what impacts this decision. Renewing contracts with clients is a crucial part of a personal trainer’s job, and some strategic actions can have a significant impact on students’ decisions. In this post, you will learn three actions that can make a difference when renewing your contract. personal-renewing-contract.jpg Photo by Andrea Piacquadio 1- Create a new process with deliverables for experience Firstly, it is important to create a process for delivering experiences to your student . This means building and presenting a complete development plan, proposing the delivery of different activities that, together, complete an experience.

Exclusive benefits of contract renewal

The intention is to have a clear objective, based on what your student intends to pursue in their next steps. So before reaching the end of this training project.  Sit down with your student and discuss their expectations for the subsequent process once this “contract” ends. Having collected this, let’s say his goal is to participate in a marathon next New Zealand Phone Number Data year. So he needs not only a training package, but experience. So that he can get the most out of this objective . Offering an experience process with your student and presenting this to them. So, you will divide this into three steps: Preparation: Define activities that help your student with preparation, in addition to training: content, tips, recommendations for more detailed assessments , doctors, etc. Keep in mind things you would like to deliver to start your student’s experience off on the right foot.

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Apply a co-creation process to accelerate the student

Experience: These are activities that you would deliver during his training process. And this can be associated with personalized training practices once a month. A bonus target, such as a discount if he achieves such results . Here there must be activities that reinforce and pull this student closer to the goal, so that he or she sees that Philippine Phone Number training is not just being delivered. Closing. Activities where the experience is closed. Holding  to collect feedback and develop new steps, even if they are not with you, but guide you in what you can do. To continue another project. By doing this, it is much more. Possible to find a renewal. When you deliver this  their expectations,  will certainly deliver a good experience, helping you to build a good showcase.

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