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A better way to live? thoughts and feelings?some up days. Now, despite being a huge music fan, he hadn’t listen to anything for weeks now. On the occasion he switch the TV on, it would have been as well being the test card for all of the attention he paid. As for reading, getting past a title of a book would be progress. Was that an even keel? Was that living? In years gone by if he had been in the chemist waiting for them to make up his script, he would have a thousand thoughts buzzing in his overactive brain. Now though, standing there waiting felt like a lifetime.

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It was as if someone had come along and wip Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List his brain, hit delete and empti the trash bin. Nothing went through his mind, like he was power down and no pictures were playing. Nothing register as he look at the posters on the wall, all the letters blending into colour smudges. Hurry the fuck up, he thought, pulling his collar up and the brim of his newsboy cap down as far as he could to cover his face. God forbid he should see anyone he knew. Having to talk to someone. A fate surely worse than death. He once had a large circle of friends. But they had all stopp calling some time ago.

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Occasional pals dropp off the radar first. His close friends had continu to call regularly, on the phone and popping round to see him. But now BS Leads even they had disappear one by one. It kill him inside that he had shut them all out but the same time it was an immense relief not to have to make the effort to speak. How could anyone love someone that wouldn’t – couldn’t – talk to them? Eventually hearing his name, he dragg his body over to that.

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