A Mental Illness Or Not

Word normal mean? What is normal? And who decides it? , am I somehow abnormal? For too many years my depression defin me. I was made to feel abnormal. ‘It’s not normal to act like that!’ ‘What do you mean you can’t get out of b? That’s not normal’. I hid away from it and refus to admit or even accept that I had depression. What do people mean by normal? months ago mine and my wife’s son Louis was born sleeping, now as you can imagine this was a very emotional and difficult thing to deal with, and naturally so.

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However there seem to be a general feeling that Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List after about two weeks we just ne to get back to normal. Now I have no idea what people meant by ‘normal’, and in all honesty I don’t think they did either. I don’t think there was any maliciousness in people’s comments, it’s just how we are programm: ‘That’s happen, now just move on’. They probably meant back to how things were. And that was never going to happen, our lives were chang. Normal now became life without Louis; however people didn’t want us to change, they want us to stay as we were.

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I think or I hope, that’s what they meant BS Leads by normal. So where I was ha been, no longer exist, how could it? Feeling excit about anything became difficult. I didn’t think anything would work out for me or us. If I prepar myself for the worst possible outcome I couldn’t be let down, after everything that my wife and I had been trying for, for years, was cruelly ripp away from us. I have only us the above example to try and show how people use the word ‘normal’, how they try to define what is normal, and how it can make others feel.

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