That Controls Or Owns The Platform

WordPress wp rocket The Nas Transform your small business with the help of our small but powerful digital agency” Contact + office thigitalpug st. Sloneczna , – , Karniowice PREVAre you f up with Twitter drama, bots and blue verifi checkmarks? Miss the old days of Twitter when it was a place where interesting people could connect and share ideas in real time? If so, you are not alone. hide table of contents What is a Mastodon? Why switch from Twitter to Mastodon? Who found Mastodon? reasons to get excit about Mastodon big problems with the Mastodon . Less popular than Twitter . More political than other social mia platforms How to register with Mastodon.

The decentraliz nature of the web

Should you join? There is actually a Japan WhatsApp Number List new social mia platform that is exploding with users call Mastodon. What is a Mastodon? Mastodon is a free and open source social mia platform that provides a free and open source alternative to commercial social mia. It is a radically different social mia platform that is own and controll by people, not corporations. Your home fe shouldn’t be dominat by what the corporation thinks you should see; rather, it should be fill with what is most important to you. You can follow anyone from any Mastodon server in one account and view their posts in chronological order, rucing the amount of time wast on algorithms and advertising.

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Means there is no single company

It is a free and open source social BS Leads platform that allows you to build an audience without outside interference. You can track and be track from any online server via Mastodon deploy on your own infrastructure and control is entirely in your hands. Why switch from Twitter to Mastodon? Mastodon is a decentraliz social network that allows you to post short messages, follow specific users and interact with your friends. It is open source, free to use and not affiliat with any company or organization.

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