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Alejandro Scannapieco , CEO of Sportian, they spoke about the importance of this alliance and the commitment to revolutionize the world of sport. Additionally, important figures such as George Hanna , CTO of the Los Angeles Clippers; Nacho Fresco , Director of Technology at FIFA; Arno Lycke, Digital and BI Manager at Pro League; Bill Goren , Major League Rugby Deputy Commissioner; Ludmila Da Silva , soccer player at Atlético de Madrid.

Alphabet subsidiary is currently facing on the other side

Leanne Bats, Head of Web3 at New Zealand top industry data Rugby; and J resident of  Europe and the Spanish Basketball Federation, contributed their perspective on the sports and entertainment in has its own search engine in workshops to emancipate itself from Google (and put it in trouble) Esther  Written by Esther.

Apple is working on its own search engine

October 3, 2023 at 9:37 SHARE Twitter. The search engine that BS Lads Apple has in workshops has been baptized internally as “Pegasus”, according to Bloomberg. In technological gossip it has been an open secret for a long time. That Apple is working on its own search engine. With the ultimate goal of emancipating itself from Google (and also putting the internet giant in trouble). And the antitrust trial that the Alphabet subsidiary is currently. Facing on the other side of the pond has only confirmed the rumor.

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