What Do Germany Phone Numbers Look Like

Germany, a country locat in central Europe, uses a unique phone number system consisting of both geographical area codes and mobile phone codes. German phone numbers are compris of varying numbers of digits depending on the type of number, but they generally range from 10 to 12 digits in length.

Geographical area codes in Germany consist of five digits, including the initial zero. The first digit of the area code represents one of nine geographic regions of the country, while the remaining four digits are specific to a particular city or town. For example, the area code for Berlin is 030, while the area code for Frankfurt is.

What does german phone number look like

Mobile phone numbers in Germany Germany Phone Number List are compris of 11 digits, including the initial zero. The first three digits of a mobile phone number represent the mobile network provider, while the remaining eight digits are unique to the individual phone line. There are three main mobile network providers in Germany: T-Mobile, Vodafoneand.

Germany also has a separate numbering system for toll-free numbers, which are us for customer service and other business purposes. Toll-free numbers in Germany are prec by the prefix 0800 and are compris of 11 digits in total.

In addition to the various types of phone numbers, Germany also has a number of special numbers that are us for specific purposes. For example, the emergency services number in Germany is 112, while the police can be reach at.

Phone Number List

How many digits are phone numbers in germany

Other special numbers include the weather hotline  the poison control center , and the German Feral Employment Agency .

When dialing a German phone number from outside of the country, the country code +49 must be add before the phone number. For example, to call a landline in Berlin from outside of Germany, the number would be dial as.

What does a germany phone number look like

In conclusion, German phone BS Leads numbers consist of varying numbers of digits depending on the type of number, with geographical area codes consisting of five digits and mobile phone numbers consisting of 11 digits. Understanding the structure of German phone numbers is important for doing business or traveling in the country, as well as for making international calls to Germany.

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