I Was Mainly Attending To Support

Inside the persona I’d creat wanting me to stay quiet and the ‘me’ to explain that I’d self harm and not told a sole, so how is that attention seeking? I was stuck. I couldn’t explain without revealing who I was. So again I was at home on anti-depressants with the crisis team making daily visits. My poor husband again in charge of looking after me. This wasn’t the first time I’d had a complete breakdown, in fact I’ve had more than I can remember. common factor, they’d often start because of a collision between me behind the mask and me.

I felt vulnerable and uncomfortable

I was so determin to hide myself away that Bolivia Phone Number List it caus me to tire and become emotional confus about how I was suppos to feel when present with certain situations. So I made the decision to stop wearing the mask ( well most of the time ) and remember who I was, what do I actually enjoy doing? what calms me? what hobbies do I have? So do we conclude that we shouldn’t be wearing a mask? Well even though I’ve just spent the last paragraph explaining how wearing the mask negatively effect my life and how I’ve taken the steps to remove the mask.

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I us my mask and said that

I would actually conclude that a mask BS Leads could be positive or negative. There’s always two sides to every story and this is no exception. Sometimes it makes life easier to put up a mask and if it gives you confidence to do something that you want to do why not? And that’s what I believe the difference is. Use the mask to help do something you want to do, not to try and change you. For example I’ve realis I really enjoy running and want to join a running club. My son also loves running so we went together.

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