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Have grown up in an English-speaking environment, , and many older. People in It is clear from the handwritten notes he wrote that not only. Did he have a good understanding of his local dialect, but that he had the ability and linguistic intelligence. To express the dialect’s nuances in a caring manner. and patent methods. The á Ó á picture from found several informants in the barony on the Galway side of the border between. And from whom he wrote material in Irish, many of them in his own native town of óí nearby.

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Farther north, he found a speaker in a town Russian Email List behind, and many in é and towns on the east side of the same town. In the north, he collect material from speakers who liv in á and . On the east side of Áí, he found speakers of íí on the northern ú peninsula, which he collect from native speakers of áó and Áó, and on the east side of Áó, he record living in and at Taylor Castle. On the Claire side of the border, he found the speaker behind the í and. This is a very important area in the history of Irish dialects.

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As it is a fringe area between the two main BS Leads dialects, Connacht Irish and Munster Irish. On either side of this border, the pronunciation and grammar of the words of these major dialects collid, as if the foam of two tides and two streams had blown past each other and flow down again, flowing in the mouths of the peoples of the Territory, telling of their stories, songs, prayers and poems. Some of the major phonetic differences heard today between and today seem to have start more than five hundr years ago (: although local phonetic customs have also.

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